Google vs. Uber : Le gros procès dans la course aux voitures autonomes est en route !

C’est sans aucun doute la bataille juridique la plus importante de la Silicon Valley depuis des années. Fin février, nous vous annoncions l’action judiciaire intentée par Waymo, filiale d’Alphabet Inc. (ex-Google), à l’encontre d’Uber et sa filiale Otto. Google avait accusé son ex-ingénieur d’avoir copié 14.000 documents confidentiels avant de rejoindre Uber. Le juge américain vient de donner le feu vert : les deux superpuissances vont maintenant au procès.
Un enjeu de taille
L'enjeu est un marché qui pourrait valoir, un jour, des dizaines de milliards de dollars et renverser toute l'industrie automobile. Il s’agit tout simplement du marché naissant de la course aux voitures autonomes.
Le PDG d'Uber, Travis Kalanick, déclarait encore récemment que « l'avenir de l'entreprise repose sur sa capacité à déployer des voitures autonomes et qu'il pourrait tout perdre si une autre société comme Waymo battait Uber sur le marché ».
Ce procès « explosif » intenté par Waymo v…

European Commission outlined next steps towards new EU rules in robotics

Robots will one day live among us. That’s not a secret anymore. Just like couples, when people live or work together, a legal framework is required or at least, highly recommended. Even better if it can be adopted at the EU level. Indeed, robots, drones, smart cars, etc. raise numerous liability issues, but not only. In February, the European Commission voted in favour of a new proposed legislation. But is the law ready for it?

You are certainly a big fan of the HBO's sci-fi/western drama TV show : "Westworld”; the amusement park where robots and humans live together, until the day a “bug” disrupts the robots and detracts the functioning of the park.

This park is perhaps the European Union of tomorrow... (and I’m not talking about Brexit) ; an anticipative legislative instrument in robotics would therefore be welcome.

Recently, the European Parliament's Committee on Legal Affairs ("JURI") asked the European Commission in a Report to look at new EU-wide rules in rob…

Les FAI peuvent bloquer l'accès au site "The Pirate Bay", selon l'Avocat Général SZPUNAR

Mauvaise nouvelle pour les utilisateurs du site « The Pirate Bay ». L’Avocat Général (« AG ») SZPUNAR vient pratiquement d’annoncer son naufrage ! Dans son avis du 08 février 2017, il a conclu d’une part que « The Pirate Bay » (« TPB ») communique des œuvres au public et d’autre part que les fournisseurs d'accès à Internet (« FAI ») peuvent bloquer l’accès au site TPB vu son rôle « crucial » dans le partage de ces fichiers illicites.

The Pirate Bay sème la terreur depuis 2003…
On connait tous sa légende. C’est Le plus grand serveur torrent du web. Il bombarde les ayants-droits depuis presque 15 ans. Il ne laisse jamais de survivant ; ou très rarement.
C’est l’intermédiaire qui permet aux utilisateurs de partager les contenus (illégaux) en peer-to-peer. En effet, 90 à 95 % des fichiers partagés sur le réseau du TPB contiennent des œuvres protégées et distribuées sans le consentement des ayants droit.
D’où vient-on ? Pourquoi cette affaire ?
Des Pays-Bas. D’un côté, nous avons la soc…

A Look Inside The Apple Watch : Intellectual Property Rights And Future Legal Battles

It is not just a watch. It is a masterpiece of intellectual property (IP) rights. It is not just a revolutionary product. It is the next chapter in Apple Inc.’s story.
Apple believes in technology designed for the wrist (such as a smartwatch), but also in a strong design patent protection strategy. To protect this wearable, as a result of their investment, Apple applied for and received several design patents. Every detail is protected: the drawer where the watches are shown, the bracelet, the “slide-in” interchangeable strap system mechanism, the digital crown, the display, the charger, the retail box, etc. Future innovations will however continue to copy this kind of consumer products and challenge the Courts.

In this context, developing and/or acquiring intellectual property rights may create a solid foundation for growth and success. Indeed, a winning exploitation of IP assets, including but not limited to know-how, patents, trademarks, aligned with your passion for innovation an…

Adidas Three-Stripe Trademark vs. Nike Blaugrana Stripes: Earn Your Stripes!

For more than one hundred years, generations of FC Barcelona fans have witnessed amazing players wearing the famous Blaugrana shirt with garnet and blue vertical stripes. Adidas’s three-stripe mark is also particularly well-known among professional soccer players, fans, and consumers of soccer apparell. Over the years, the German company made headlines for filing a number of lawsuits in connection with its famous trademark; and this time, it’s against Futbol Club Barcelona!
What’s the case all about?
It’s not a secret, with football kit partnerships large sums of money are involved. On October 30, 2016, FC Barcelona ratified the record-breaking 10-year Nike kit deal, which is worth up to 155 million Euro annually from 2018. And guess what, the day after (on October 31) Adidas filed its opposition with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”).
Coincidences of life or difference of opinion? Let’s take a closer look…
Adidas has been for years (and still is) one of the world’s leadin…

Lucasfilm vs The Lightsaber Academy: Who is The Real Jedi?

It's a good time to be a Star Wars fan! Not only the first new epic Lucasfilm 's spinoff Star Wars soon arrives in theaters (“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”) but a new case involving Lucasfilm’s trademarks has been filed in California. The production company filed this action to protect against infringement of their intellectual property (IP) rights, including but not limited to their ownership of “Star Wars”, “Jedi”, “Lightsaber” trademarks, and the logo of the Jedi Order.
Nearly 38 years after the original Star Wars movie hit the big screen, fans are still trying to use and feel the Force. Without success. In the meantime, Lucasfilm (owned by Disney) is engaged in the successful business of merchandising and licensing of distinctive characters and elements associated with their movies, and of course the protection of their IP rights.
What’s the case all about?
As you know, Lucasfilm owns several U.S trademarks, trade names, registrations, that incorporate and/or refer to the ar…

Twitter is more than ever interested in a sale

Fresh and interesting article posted on TechCrunch about how Twitter's stock has been under pressure for months, as the company struggles to boost user growth and the potential sale.
Happy reading!
"Twitter continues to inch its way to a sale process, and the latest developments come in the form of alleged bids from potential buyers. Today CNBC is reporting, and we have also independently heard, that both Google and Salesforce are interested in buying the company. We have additionally heard that Microsoft and Verizon have also been knocking, although right now Verizon (which also owns AOL, which owns us), may have a little too much on its plate. Twitter currently has a market cap of $13.3 billion, and it opened for trading today with a jump of nearly 22%, in response to all these whispers. Google, Microsoft and Verizon have been reported as potential suitors in the past (one recent article here), and what we’re hearing about the Microsoft interest is that it, in part, is an a…